Top 07 Best Smartwatch in India under 10,000 Rs -#3 Just Awesome

The absolute partner of your workout is your smartwatch. Whether you are using Android or an iOS device, the best smartwatch under 1000 in India in any budget can offer you decent and latest tracking, from monitoring your blood oxygen levels to tracking your step count. You can get almost everything from the top-notch tracking smartwatches. 

Apart from the tracking specs, these all-smart watches can contribute some fantastic features like music control, smart notifications, supported phone calls, built-in GPS, and intelligent assistants. While surveying the market, you must have seen the tough competition among several different brands. The good news is you can still buy the Best Smartwatches in India for under 1000 or any in any low budget section. Hence, you must need the right tracking watch that must match your needs. 

Only for your convenience, I have listed the seven best smartwatches that you can get under 1000 RS, and all of them are offering impressive features. So, without holding that, take a look at all those spectacular options. 

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How did I choose the list of Best Smartwatch in India under 10000?

It is a matter that the market of smartwatches has tons of options, where you can find almost all kinds of smartwatches regardless of your choice. But which smartwatch is best for you is the real dilemma? During my pick for the best budget smartwatch in India, I look at the features like user interface and iOS/ Android compatibility. Here I have considered the compatibility with iPhone and Android as the prime while sorting this list out. 

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Comparison of Best Smartwatch in India under 10000


Amazfit Huami GTS Best Smartwatch in IndiaBest Overall

  • Smart Notifications with customized vibrations
  • Best track heart rate 24/7
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Huami Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch with 20 Days Battery LifeRunner Up

  • Smart Notifications for incoming calls, text messages
Check Price

Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Best Smartwatch in IndiaBudget Pick

  •  All-Day Tracking
  • Multi-day battery life of 4+ days
Check Price

GOQii Smart Vital Fitness SpO2with body temperature in IndiaBest Seller

  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Real Heart Rate Monitoring
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Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep WristbandBest in Value

  • Best battery backup
  • Wakeup Alarm
Check Price

HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Sport Best SmartwatchBest for Android

  • Automatic screen brightness
  • Barometer, Compass
Check Price

Amazfit HuamiBip Touch Screen SmartwatchBest Touch Pick

  • Multi Sports Tracking
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1. Amazfit Huami GTS Best Smartwatch in India

Best Overall
Best Smartwatch in India under 10000

Best Editable widgets & AMOLED Display


This best smartwatch under 10,000 Rs can perform regular 24 hours heart rate with high precision and the heart rate interval monitoring during the workouts and the warning if some high value is detected. 
IA sleek look with the 2.5D curved glass that suits perfectly on the wrist. Moreover, it lowers the thickness and makes it perfectly slim and delicate. 

  • It is the perfect smartwatch that can fit on any occasion due to its elegant design.
  • Outstanding AMOLED display of 1.65 inches 340 PPI, and durable metal design
  • Equipped with GPS and can track 12 different sports
  • Long-lasting 14 days battery life

Reasons to Buy Amazfit Huami GTS Best Smartwatch in India

Editable widgets & AMOLED Display has a customized 1.65 inches stylish square screen that offers a sizeable vibrant display area as the round watch of the same width. All the critical information will be shown while focusing on the matters most essential for you too. 

  • 14 days of battery life

What can be more than no trouble with a drained battery? This smartwatch offers you 14 days of long-lasting battery life while keeping a slim watch body. Hence you will be free from the frequent changes in this way. 

  • 5 ATM water resistance 

You don’t need to worry about drenching your smartphone because it is fully waterproof with a depth of 50 meters while supporting several swimming scenarios. 

  • 12 sports modes 

The perfect smartwatch will support the 12 mainstream exercise modes. There are also several walking, running, outdoor cycling, treadmill, indoor cycling, climb, elliptical trainer, open water swimming, exercise, and skiing.

  • Slim watch body

Reasons To Avoid Amazfit Huami GTS Best Smartwatch in India

  • The compass is not accurate.

You can face trouble because the compass is not accurate and sometimes show misleading results. 

2. Huami Amazfit T-Rex Best Smart Watch with 20 Days Battery Life

Runner Up
Best Smartwatch in India under 10000

Best Fitness tracking Smartwatch


This watch uses the high-end Sony GPS chip and the built-in dual satellite positioning system. The signal efficiency can be increased significantly, making the satellite much faster and the positioning more accurate to meet your positing needs in both canyon wilderness and urban jungles.

  • No hassle of recharging in every while. 
  • It can endure all sorts of harsh environments. 

Reasons to Buy Huami Amazfit T-Rex Best Smart Watch

  • Robust craftsmanship

The body details are perfectly robust, and the internal structure to consider the strengths and practical needs. You can feel its toughness from both inside out, and it is the perfect fight that can give you the long battle. 

  • Ultra-long battery life 

It has an advanced low power chip, in-depth power management, new circuit design, and the optimization gives this smartwatch a perfect long battery life of 20 days. You can wear it for the long haul because it will allow you to wear it without charging. 

  • Vibrant screen 

The 1.3-inch AMOLED color screen will support the all-day display. You can track your work by simply raising your wrist with all the data in it. 

  • Waterproof 

The smartwatch is rated waterproof to 5ATM. You can wear it any time in open water and swimming pools to meet all the athletes’ diverse needs. 

  • Exercise modes 

It is 14 inbuilt professional exercise modes. There is several outdoor running, outdoor cycling, walking, mountain climbing, treadmill, outdoor trekking, open water swimming, skiing, etc.  

Reasons To Avoid Huami Amazfit T-Rex Best Smart Watch

  • Not good for beginners

If you are buying the smartwatch for the first time, then it is not suitable for you. 

3. Fitbit Versa Health and Fitness Best Smartwatch in India

Budget Pick
Best Smartwatch in India under 10000

Best Health and Fitness Smartwatch


Since the day can last for 24 hours, you can use your watch with a multi-day battery life of almost 4+ days. You can track the night, morning, and everything is running in between. With the Fitbit versa, you can get the apps for finance, fitness, sports, and social media with just one tap away. 

  • Enjoy the day with wireless payments, notifications, apps, quick replies, and other fantastic stuff. 
  • The actionable insights, on-screen workouts, personalized guidance, and others.

Reasons to Buy Fitbit Best Smartwatch in India

  • All-day tracking 

You can track distance, steps, calories burned, and the active minutes each day. Monitor how working out can impact your heart rate. 

  • Exercise with professional coaching

You can work out anytime and anywhere with the Fitbit coach on your tablet, phone, and computer. Get the step-by-step workouts tailored explicitly as your fitness progress will keep the routine adjustments and then evolve. 

  • Sleep better 

You can track automatically how well and how long you will sleep. With heart tracking, you can measure the time in light, REM sleep to get the quality sleep and then receive it to improve the night sleep. 

  • Stay inspired by challenges and friends. 

You can stay motivated while competing with your family and friends while competing with different challenges. While embarking on various adventures, you can reach your fitness goals. Moreover, you can enjoy your Fitbit badges and then can share the key stats.

  • 15+ exercise modes 

You can choose the 15+ exercise modes to enjoy the real-time stats while recording exercises while working out. 

  • Listen to your favorite music.

While working out, you can listen to your favorite music and can store around 300+ songs. However, a subscription is required here. 

  • Fitbit app and GPS connectivity 

You can track your hikes and runs with connected GPS on the Fitbit versa to see the distance and pace on your map’s display to route your Fitbit app. 

Reasons to Avoid Fitbit Best Smartwatch in India

  • Poor step counter 

The step counter is not very efficient. If you are lying on your bed, it can register some steps. 

  • Limited application supported 

Only limited applications are supported here.

4. GOQii Smart Vital Fitness SpO2 with body temperature in India

Best Seller
Best Smartwatch in India under 10000

Best body temperature and blood pressure tracker


The fitness watch comes with sensors that can measure your body temperature. Noting body temperatures is important while checking for the person’s health and the continuous tracking for becoming more self-conscious and reliant about their health. 

With the real-time data display and 18 exercise modes, you will be set to achieve your health goals. At the same time, you are making every movement and step count with accurate step counting. 

  • The smartwatch’s fitness brand features all in a stylish and sleek package that fits perfectly even on the slim wrist. 
  • It measures the heart rate.

Reasons to Buy GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Smartwatch

  • Measuring body temperature 

  • Real heart rate monitoring 

Smart heart rate monitoring can monitor the heart rate all the time. It has high-rate sensors for non-disruptive and continuous heart rate monitoring. 

  • Blood pressure monitoring 

You can record the diastolic and systolic blood pressure and get the direct report on the integrated app. 

  • Smart notifications 

You can get the notifications of calls, messages, WhatsApp, and others in the smartwatch without looking at your cell phone. You can also get the inactivity alerts, set alarms, weather information, and reminders to stay active and hydrated. 

  • 1.3″ inch color display 

A high resolution of 240 x 240 pixels 1.3″ large touch screen can show you a lifelike and vivid visual, which is utterly captivating that you don’t want to look away. Moreover, the responsive touch can make you effortlessly control your watch. 

  • Personalize watch faces 

You can explore the new way of living and don’t limit yourself while looking at your watch. With every occasion, you can fit with the perfect experience that you are living. 

  • Phone and music editor 

With the essential music, you can get the freedom to work out while controlling different functions on your watch. Its inbuilt tracking features will let you enjoy your work out with a perfect lifestyle. 

Reasons to Avoid GOQii Smart Vital Fitness Smartwatch

  • Not reliable BP measurements

The BP measurement is not the same as the standard clinical measurements while depending on the counterproductive option. 

#5. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband

Best in Value
Best Smartwatch in India under 10000

Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband


Fitbit Wristband Best Smartwatch in India under 10000 Rs is Track the heart rate better with the automatic wrist-based heart rate tracker while getting the pure pulse perpetually. Using the simplified heart rate zone, you can maximize the workouts. While having a smart tracker on your wrist, you can see text, call, and calendar notifications on the old display and then track how long you want it on your hand. 

  • You can energize your day with the advanced activity wristband to track your perfect healthy goal to lead a successful healthy life. 
  • Track the real-time tracks and the caller ID on your OLED display. 
  • When the automatic show is off, it starts to monitor your sleep and then set the vibrating silent alarm. 

Reasons to Buy Fitbit Wristband Wireless Activity Tracker

  • Charge syncs automatically 

The charge can sync automatically and get wireless on computers, tablets, and other 150+ leading Android, iOS, and others. Syncing to the computer requires an internet connection and can get the USB port that the mobile device needs. 

  • Design 

The perfect waterproof and swim-proof 50m. with the sleek, durable material that will give you a perfect look on your hand. 

  • Monitor your sleep monitor 

You can monitor the stages of your sleep, and then you can get your sleep score simultaneously. Also, you can get the daily stats on your display and will deliver the smartphone notifications there. 

  • GPS tracker 

You can use the in-built GPS tracker to see the distance and pace on the screen during outdoor rides, hikes, runs, and others. At the same time, you reach your target heart rate zones during the exercise. 

  • Impressive performance 

You will be impressed with how it can count with your activity and the daily steps counts. 

Reasons to Avoid Fitbit Wristband Wireless Activity Tracker

  • Drain battery fast 

This tracker can drain the battery fast. 

6. HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Sport Best Smartwatch under 10,000 Rs

Best for Android
Best Smartwatch in India under 10000

Best SpO2 & Heartrate Monitor


HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Sport Best Smartwatch under 10,000 Rs is the best way of being intelligent and attentive to all the new methods. You only need to go to the regular workout, and the watch will collect automatically. After then, you can track your every move with only one tap. Moreover, you can also get the six standard workout modes of outdoor/ indoor running, walking, and rowing.  

  • It is the perfect smartwatch that can give you the ideal working out experience. 


  • Music on the go 
  • Long-lasting battery
  • SPO2 Monitoring 

Reasons To Buy HUAWEI Best Smartwatch

You can play the music directly on the HUAWEI WATCH once you have paired it with the Bluetooth earphones. You can listen to the 500 songs, and it can store your several favorite kinds of music that will enrich the workouts with no strings attached. 

  • Battery

It includes a perfect self-developed wearable chip, which ensures low power consumption and high operational performance. Power saving algorithms and dual-chip design2.0 ensure that less energy gets you the astonishing power for all the night and day it supports. The power consumption can provide a long-lasting battery. 

  • SPO2 Monitoring 

The blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) is the vital sign that can reflect the oxygen supply. The low level of SPO2 can result in low symptoms like lack of fatigue, energy, and lightheadedness. The smartwatch can support a single-time SPO2 group that can measure blood level whenever required. 

  • Heart rate monitoring 

This watch’s screen can provide you with accurate and efficient real-time personal measurements for your heart rate. Coupled with the intelligent heart rate algorithm, it can monitor your heart throughout the day, even while swimming. 

  • It can release your stress. 

It is the perfect all-day care for your health and stress monitoring. Moreover, the breathing training app end releases the stress and then adjusts the state at the right time. 

  • 85 custom workout modes 

Indulge your passions and inspire the senses. From the familiar to the far-flung, with the fantastic far-flung workout modes, you can explore the adventure of parkour, rock climbing, skateboarding, or street dancing that can move all around. 

  • 15 professional workouts 

The cutting-edge working out technology provides real-time and precise tracking data for about 15 professional sports, including running, climbing, and cycling. It can support both GPS positioning systems for fantastic route tracking during every type of workout. 

  • Perfect design on your wrist 

With several watch face designs, you can turn your wrist into the seamless watch straps of the light motion, color, etc. You can even customize the information with the steps, rate, weather, and others. 

  • Raise your hands for the quick shot 

The smartwatch can turn the perfect watch into perfect picture accessories. 

  • Ready to help 

The watch is the perfect gear that brings notifications for incoming SMS messages, incoming calls, calendar events, emails, and much more. It also has a treasure trove with the perfect features like the weather forecast, alarms, and flashlights you can use to find the phone lost with this smartphone app. 

Reasons to Avoid HUAWEI Best Smartwatch

  • Need Huawei software 

It will not work without installing the Huawei software outside of your play store. 

7. Amazfit HuamiBip Touch Screen Smartwatch under 10,000 Rs

Best Touch Pick
Best Smartwatch in India under 10000

Best for Call, message, Email, facebook and Other app notifications


Erase every information on the cell phone; read all the incoming messages on your watch itself while getting the notifications on your cell phone. You can also get the reports to listen to the news and calls. This watch is uniquely designed that will drive all the attention on fitness. You still can have the choice to listen to the needs if you want it.  

  • Notifications 
  • Four sport modes 
  • Long-lasting battery

Reasons To Buy Amazfit HuamiBip Touch Screen Smartwatch

  • An ultimate outdoor device with four sports mode

You can enjoy the indoor run, running, walking, and cycling, which is the perfect way to enjoy the ideal workout for your time. The four modes of the fitness app are perfect for the heart rate sensor and the GPS tracker. The walk features are excellent and accurate. GPS can work accurately while measuring the speed and distance accurately. The heart rate feature can note the heart rate monitor can note the heart rate continuously. All the data can be easily stored on your cell phone.

  • No trouble of charging 

The perfect thing about this smartwatch is to get remarkable battery life for up to 45 days. The smart screen is excellent and allows the users to access the features simply while lifting the wrist. Moreover, the reflective screen display makes it sure for every user to watch without struggling with sunlight’s bright rays. 

  • Connect your phone and get them going 

Enjoy the customized features while connecting it to your cell phone, like heart-rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, calorie count, and step. 

  • Waterproof

The dustproof and waterproof technology will ensure you use the watch in any environment, while the 1.28-inch screen will provide crystal clear, and the sleek display is the perfect display. 

Reasons To Avoid Amazfit HuamiBip Touch Screen Smartwatch

  • Not perfect for swimming

It is not the perfect pick for swimming; therefore, you will not find the swim mode option. But can endure the heavy rain easily, and water splashes quickly. 

  • Not frequent updates 

There is not that much frequency. Moreover, the contrast is low, and it looks dull. 

FAQs of Best Smartwatch in India under 10000 Rs

1 What is the best and cheapest smartwatch?

Ans- I have mentioned the most sophisticated smartwatches. All these smartwatches can do everything to keep monitoring your overall well-being and health so that you can take calls on your wrist. 

2 What is the best smartwatch for the money?

Ans- Amazfit Huami GTS Best Smartwatch in India is perfect for the money that you have. It is ideal according to the features and the capital. 

3 Which smartwatch is made in India?

Ans- GOQii Smart fitness tracker is the best brand of the smartwatch, which is made in India. 

4 Are cheap Indian smartwatches any good?

Ans- You can find the best, and the famous smartwatches, which are super cheap, and all of them are packed with multiple features that you can make them the perfect pick according to your budget.

5 Is it worth buying a smartwatch?

Ans- The prime reason to get the smartwatch is to improve your health. Several smartwatches are used to maintain your health. It is the crucial reason to get the smartwatch. 

6 How do I choose a useful smartwatch?

Ans- Always pick the smartwatch with a suitable heart rate sensor and a GPS tracker. It is perfect if you are a fitness buff. While paying attention to the battery life, you can get the best option.

7 Can you text on a smartwatch?

Ans- Suppose you are from the common platform Android. Although sending texts from the smartwatch is not possible from my collection, you can still get an option through different other options for contacting. However, through our list, you can send them the texts via notifications on the smartwatch of your smartphone. 

8 Which smartwatch can answer calls?

Ans-With the instant notification, you can answer almost all the calls through a smartwatch because all the watches are perfectly connected with the smartphones. 

9 What is the smartwatch price?

Ans- It varies according to the quality and specs of the smartwatches. But here you will see all the watches are under 10000. Moreover, you will get all the amazing features under the amazing banners of top-notch brands. 

10 Is it bad to wear a smartwatch all the time?

Ans- Smartwatches are perfect to wear all the time; while tracking your steps and daily activities, you can get everything in under your observations. Therefore, if you don’t remember to take it off, it is still beneficial if it is in your hand. 

Conclusion of Best Smartwatch in India under 10000 Rs

Whether you are looking to get the smartwatch for the first time or replacing the old one, there are several essential factors that you can get while choosing the perfect pick of the smart wearables. The best watch will offer you the ideal tracking option to track your GPS tracking and smart notifications. 

All the smart options that I have mentioned here are equipped with unique features and have a considerable battery to serve you for more than two weeks. Hence, if you are considering this list, you will be in the best place.